Zomax regular charger (2A)

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Zomax regular Charger charges at 2 amps.

Works with the Zomax 58V batteries (2 AH, 4AH).

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The Zomax regular charger offers an integrated charging display to provide easy use and precision assessment of how much charge time is remaining.

It is capable of handling environmental temperatures from 0 to +45 degrees-C and weighs only 0.75kg.

Input (CE/GS/ AS/NZS): 120V~, 50-60Hz, 2.5A.

Input (cULus): 120V~, 50-60Hz, 2.5A.

Output: 58V DC. 2.5A.


Standard charging time for the 4AH battery 2 hours.

Comes with the UK plug socket.

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Weight1.7 kg