Zomax 58V Cordless 6 in 1 Multifunctional Garden Tool

£339.99£539.97 Includes VAT

The Zomax 6 in 1 Multifunctional Garden tool includes:

  • Brush Cutter Attachment
  • String Trimmer Attachment
  • Pole Saw Attachment
  • Hedge Trimmer Attachment
  • Lawn Edger Attachment
  • Cultivator Attachment
  • An Extension pole

The Zomax 58V range powers a set of cordless outdoor garden equipment. With the one battery fits all feature it is ideal for family use. Whether you require a Chainsaw, Hedge Trimmer, Leaf Blower or a Multifunctional Garden Tool we have you covered.

If you are looking for tools with power that are also eco friendly the Zomax battery powered range is perfect for you. As they do not use fuel like many other power tools no harsh fumes are emitted ensuring clean usage every time!

You can save shed and garage space with the Zomax 6 in one garden multifunctional tool. A compact, modular, heavy duty 6-in-1 multi-tool. An all-in-one gardening tool saves you money and space by eliminating the need to buy 6 individual machines. An essential piece of gardening equipment. This multitool has everything a gardener needs to make short work of even the toughest gardening tasks.