Zomax 58V Battery Powered Pole Saw

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Main Features:

  • Cordless Battery Powered – Convenient hassle free and eco friendly – No harsh fumes!
  • 8″ Oregon Anti-Kickback Chain & Bar – Provide smooth cutting for branches.
  • Automatic Pop-up Design – For Battery Pack, convenient to replace battery pack.
  • Height Reached With Extension Pole – Its 2.8m length pole can help reach up to 4.0m height. Its vibrations and noise are kept to minimum level, ideal for jobs in urban and noise sensitive areas.
  • 58 Volts
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The Zomax 58V range powers a set of of cordless outdoor garden equipment. With the one battery fits all feature it is ideal for family use. Whether you require a Chainsaw, Hedge Trimmer or Leaf Blower we have you covered.

The 4.0AH battery capacity is 200wh.

If you are looking for tools with power that are also eco friendly the Zomax battery powered range is perfect for you. As they do not use fuel like many other power tools no harsh fumes are emitted ensuring clean usage every time!

Zomax 58V cordless garden tools pole chainsaw

The ZOMAX Pole Chainsaws are the best tool for cutting wood, branches, brush, and everything else! The battery powered chainsaw is now available as an alternative to gas powered models. With its powerful motor and long chain life, it’s ideal for landscaping or trimming trees.

Product Features: – Long life lithium ion batteries.

– Easy to start and operate.

– Quickly cuts through wood and debris.

– Chain length can be adjusted easily.

– Removable battery tray.

– Sturdy construction.

The Zomax Cordless Pole Chainsaw is a powerful tool for property maintenance, orchards and tree care operation. Being both agile and easy to handle, it is the perfect tool for those tougher pruning tasks. Its 2.8m length pole can help reach up to 4.0m height. Its vibrations and noise are kept to a minimum level ensuring the saw is quite but powerful and sustainable. Use in urban or noise-sensitive areas with out worry.

Ideal for hard to reach areas. The pole saw is ideal where a you need a chainsaw to cut through an object, but where the chainsaw can’t reach.



Motor Type:PMOC (2-brush)
Voltage:58V Max.
No-loading Run Time:50 minutes max with 2AH.
Cuts per Battery Charge:80 (10cm x 10cm.)
Chain Linear Velocity:5m/s
Pole Length:9’/ 2.8m
Approximate Reach:13′-15’/4m
Recommended Bar Length:20-25 cm/ 8″-10″
Chain Pitch:3/8″, 0.043″ gauge (Oregon)
Oil Tank Volume:80 ml
Equivalent Vibration Level:2.6/ 1.9m/s2
Sound Power Level:90db(A)
Weight (tool only):5.4kgs/ 12.0lbs
Dry Weight(with2.0Ah battery):6.5kgs/ 143 lbs

Zomax 58V pole chainsaw garden tool

Zomax 58V cordless garden tools high reach extension pole

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