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USB Power Pack
Ref: AKHA9110


Pocket Sized Rechargeable Power Pack

Use as a: “Backup Battery”                                                
Use to: “Recharge the Internal Battery”
USB Power Pack

Powers a Sony PSP or a Blackberry
Sony PSP players can enjoy more uninterrupted action than ever before with a USB Power Pack. So if you’re away from power supplies and have been let down by the internal battery, just plug in the USB Power Pack and get back to all your favourites. USB Power Pack rejuvenates a PSP with a tired battery, and extends the operating life of a PSP by hours, more than doubling the performance life.

Powers an iPod or Nano®
Adds extra power to an iPod or Nano for music on the move. Given the demands of music fans powering up the volume levels, these have not always lived up to the expectations of users. Now with the pocket USB Power Pack, you can dance on through or relax to your favourite tracks longer without the worry of fading out.

General Purpose USB Power Source
Provides a USB Power Port that allows you to plug in any device that would normally be powered from a PC’s external USB port.

Click here for USB Power pack PDF

iPod® and iPod Nano® are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.

USB Power packSpecifications
Battery Type – Lithium Polymer
Output Capacity – 11.5Wh (3200mAh)
Output Voltage – 5V DC
Output Current – 1000mA
Charge Life – 800 Charge Cycles
Size (mm) – 100 x 62 x 15
Net Weight – 106g
LED Power Indicator
Green – Sufficient power
Red – Charge required

USB Power Pack

Actual Size

Charge from a USB port or Sony PSP Adaptor
There are two methods to charge your USB Power Pack. Either plug it into the USB port of your PC/Notebook or through the 5V AC adaptor of the Sony PSP.

LED Power Indicator
Press the power indicator button to get a green or red light indicating whether you have enough power.

7 x Additional Connectors Included
A range of devices can be powered from the USB Power Pack using the 7 additional connectors included in the pack. These enable linking to various USB powered devices that include  some mobile phones and PDAs from leading manufacturers. Always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for power compatibility before use.

PDA Connectors



Price inc VAT: £14.99