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UltimaStore - Rechargeable Battery for the original iPod Nano® - NEW!

Battery for the iPod Nano®
Ref: AKHA9112
Rechargeable Battery for the original iPod Nano®

Pocket Sized Rechargeable Power Pack with Port Replicator

Backup Battery
Recharge the Internal Battery
Replace Dead Battery

Rechargeable battery for the iPod Nano• Increases the running time of the nano.
• Increases the power capacity of the original nano x 4
• Recharges nano on the move
• External battery integrates with original nano for convenience
• Revives a nano that has a dead or weak battery
• Acts as an emergency replacement battery
• Requires no tools or soldering
• No technical skills required for installation
• Does not affect original manufacturer warranty

21st Century music lovers are demanding more from multimedia and music than everRechargeable battery for the iPod Nano  before, and the iPod nano user is no exception. Intensive use means that many iPod nano fans find that internal power just does not live up to everyday expectations. Batteries might last a year, and then prove difficult and expensive to replace.

To escape the frustration of a flagging battery or power cut, the Battery offers a lightweight integrated answer. The Battery slides and clicks into place, providing a protective housing that fits snugly around the nano.

Once the Battery is connected there is unrestricted access to the screen and controls enabling immediate operation of the nano. It will power and charge the internal nano battery.

The power and sound ports of the nano are replicated on the Battery, so that all the standard leads can be connected. The Battery is recharged in the same manner as nano, and offers an increased power capacity 4 times greater than the standard nano.

iPod® and iPod Nano® are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.

Port Replicator – Replicates nano
Sound Output – Plug in nano Earphone
Dimensions – 119 x 44 x 17mm
Weight – 69g
Weight with nano – 112g

Our rechargeable battery is designed to operate with the original first generation iPod nano. These original models were only produced in black or white casing. The first nano has a distinct shape shown here.
Rechargeable battery for the iPod Nano

Our rechargeable battery is not designed to work with 2nd and 3rd generation nano models. The 2nd generation model was first available from 12 September 2006 and came in a range of colours including black, but not white. They can be recognised by curved long side edges that run the length of the case. 3rd generation iPods have a large screen that occupies about half the product face area.

See Wikipedia for full details.

Price inc VAT: £29.99