About our Energy Saving Lightbulbs

Energy Saving Lamps and Lightbulbs from SaverLamp

• Expected Life – 10 years at 3 hours a day
• 5 Times brighter – than traditional bulbs
• 80% Less – Power consumption
• Save money
• Use less electricity and fewer Lamps

UltimaStore offers a range of high quality energy saving lamps from SaverLamp, designed to help save you money and play a part in protecting the environment.

Why Save Energy?
Over the years, fossil fuels (such as coal) have been burned to create energy. As these run out, trees are being burned as well.

As more trees are used (at a rate of the area four football pitches an hour!), carbon dioxide levels rise and oxygen falls. Left to continue, there will come a time when there is not enough oxygen to sustain human life on earth.

So, we need ways of creating sustainable energy, from sources like solar and wind power, which will not impact the environment.

Help the Environment and Save Money!
By using SaverLamp Energy Saving Lamps, you can help the environment. You will use less energy, produce less carbon dioxide, buy fewer lamps and save money! Here’s how:

TEN YEAR LIFE – buy fewer lamps
UltimaStore Energy Saving Lamps NORMALLY have a lifetime of around 10 years at 3 hours use per day. That’s TEN TIMES as long as a traditional light bulb that would normally only last for about a year. However NOT all bulbs will last this long, as calculations are based on the average mean time between failure.

An UltimaStore bulb needs only one fifth of the electricity of a traditional bulb to generate the same level of brightness. So, a 20W from UltimaStore will be as bright as a 100W traditional bulb, and a 100W SaverLamp will be five times brighter!

80% LESS POWER USED – use less energy
Because a SaverLamp is five times brighter than a traditional bulb, it needs 80% less power to generate the same level of brightness.

Each SaverLamp contains a phosphor tube that glows when it is charged. There is no filament to burn out and switching on or off does not reduce the lamp lifetime. And, because they last so long, you will spend much less time replacing them!

UltimaStore warranties do not apply to products which have been subject to misuse (including static discharge), neglect, accident, or modification.
All of our light bulbs are classed as consumables, so DO NOT have a guarantee.
The 10 year figure that is quoted is the expected life of the bulb based on a mean time between failure calculation.